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    1983 It is born in the Tokyo FUCHU city.

    2008 JOSHIBI university of art and design graduate school master’s course concentration in sculpture completion.
    Solo exhibition
    2017 Delta in the void                                          (TOKI Art Space / Tokyo Japan)

    2015 NAMIYURETE-FUJYO                                   (TOKI Art Space / Tokyo Japan)

    2013 A room for the floating world                              (TOKI Art Space / Tokyo Japan)

    2009 Blooming the sky bud                              (Gallery YAMAGUCHI / Tokyo Japan)

    2007 Yuko KURIHARA exhibition             (GALLERIA GRAFICA bis TOKIO / Tokyo Japan)
    Group exhibition and Residence
    2017 with H.W.D vol.2                                  (JOSHIBI space 1900/Kanagawa Japan)

    2016 Art festival of TANZAWA vol.10                (TANAKA modern art lab./Kanagawa Japan)

    2015 AMABIKI 2015                                          (SAKURAGAWA/Ibaraki Japan)

    2014 with H.W.D                                                (galley SEIHO / Tokyo Japan)

              BRA-BA! 2014                            (KAWASAKI CITY MUSEUM / Kanagawa Japan)

              Art at KAWASAKI                                 (KAWASAKI Daishi / Kanagawa Japan)

    2013 AMABIKI 2013                                          (SAKURAGAWA Ibaraki Japan)

    2012 SPIRALE+     (MATSUMOTO CITY MUSEUM OF ART a resident galley A / Nagano Japan)

    2011 Art Biotop Residence Program 2010 Exhibition             (Gallery SATSU / Tokyo Japan)

              ART SESSION TSUKUBA 2011              (HIRASAWA history square / Ibaraki Japan)

    2010 2010214                                              (Gallery KINGYO / Tokyo Japan)

              DRESS CODE 02                                    (GGJ gallery / GINZA Tokyo Japan)

              Artist in residence                                    (SHOUDOSHIMA / Kagawa Japan)

    2007 The small sculpture exhibition vol.2 “A work junction”     (Kouzimachi gallery/Tokyo Japan)

              PRINCIPLE 1900-2007                 (JOSHIBI Art museum lounge / Kanagawa Japan)

    2006 Artist in residence                                   (Green Hill Park / Fukushima Japan)

    2005 The 41th Art Exhibition of KANAGAWA   The semi grand prix          (Kanagawa Japan)

              WACOAL RENAISSANCE AWARD 2005 in SPIRAL         (SPIRAL gallery / Tokyo Japan)
    Public collection.
    Green hill park SUKAGAWA city, Fukushima.   

    Tokyo Institute of technology, Tokyo. 

    Sagamihara park SAGAMIHARA city, Kanagawa. 

    TOGATA elementary school SHOUDOSHIMA, Kagawa.

  • Flash and sparkle

    470×760×6(h) cm

  • ROOM C


    160×120×70 cm

  • A flash-flash-fall


    140×100×80 cm
    150×100×30 cm
    130×100×80 cm

    The crash of thunder far away.
    The flash of light that followed.
    Night turned into day and things that were without form got pierced before fading away.
    Day quietly turned back into night, but the thing that was pierced remains.