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  • Getting use to horizontal space


    120×413×200 cm
    120 kg

    I placed my sculpture in the middle of a soybean field.
    When you join National road 125, which leaves flat Tsukuba City and heads for Yamato Village, the land forms many gentle rises, and you can see Mt. Tsukuba ahead. It gives the feeling that you have penetrated into the depths of Mt. Tsukuba. Standing in the expanse of soybean fields, your gaze is naturally drawn to the far ridges, and you seem to be enfolded in the sound of the wind, the fragrance of trees, people’s lives and many other diverse phenomena. As a part of the scenery, the sculpture can be seen as the presence of a formattable “artificial nature”, within an expanded frame. It is my hope that the sculpture, standing in this place, with Mt. Tsukuba in the background, and having no physical surfaces, will be reconstructed by the gaze of all who see it.