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  • holding the thing 2022

    Natural Stone, Tree & Branch Scaffold Pipe, Wire
    150×150×500 (h)cm + Under the water 140 cm

  • Gravitation 2019

    Fishing Rod, Spring Stainless Steel, Stainless Wire Rope, F.R.P., Sand, Pipe
    160×180×500 (h)cm

  • The Straining Wave 2015

    Iron plate, Stainless steel wire, Natural stone, Steel wire

    800×500×300 (h)cm

  • Hanging the Stone and Iron 2013

    Natural stone, Iron plate, Iron pipe, Steel wire, Stainless steel wire, Wire


    When we think of heavy objects in our daily life we think of stone and steel, tranquil and stable objects when placed on the earth�fs surface.
    However, by propping and hanging these objects to suspend them in the air I hope to get across the natural laws of gravity in a visual and artistic way.