• Zelenák Sándor

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    Sándor Zelenák was born in Tatabánya in 1971. He entered Janus Pannonius University of Fine Arts (now part of Pécs University) in 1991, and graduated in 1996 as student of Sándor Pinczehelyi. He completed his Teaching of Fine Arts in 2002, and has been continuously exhibiting his artworks since graduation. Since 2001 he has also been actively contributing his artworks to charity auctions. He has previously been an art teacher at the Székesfehérvár kindergarten, specializing in creativity art activities for children. Before coming to Japan, he also worked as a graphic designer and interior designer, making use of his consummate carpentry skills. Winning a Japanese government scholarship in 2006, he became a research student in the Department of Fine Arts at the Tsukuba University; then in 2008 was accepted into Master of Fine Arts course. He graduated in 2010. After that he worked as a freelancer, using experience of interior design and painting skill (Lumine Beer garden design, With the Style Fukuoka Art works). He is also working as an art teacher in the kindergarten, teaching creativity to the kids.
    1999 – Budapest, Pallas Páholy

    2000 – Budapest, “Zugloiak Egymásért”

    2000 – Budapest, Café Vian

    2001 – Budapest, Zazie étterem

    2002 – Budapest, Café Vian

    2002 – Budapest, Café Miro

    2003 – Tata, Mûv.Ház.

    2004 – Budapest, Café Vian

    2005 – Budapest, Union Hotel

    2005 – Budapest, Hilton Hotel Westend

    2008 – Japan, Tsukuba Museum

    2008 – Japan, Tsukuba University

    2010 – Japan, Tsukuba Museum, Master Graduation

    2010 – Japan, Tokyo, 美ナビ展, Roppongi Hills

    2010 – Japan, Tsukuba, Dokan Bom Exhibition

    2011 – Japan, Tsukuba, Dokan Bom Exhibition

    2012 – Japan, Tsukuba, Dokan Bom Exhibition

    2013 – Japan, Tokyo, 

    2013 – Japan, Tsukuba, Dokan Bom Exhibition

    2013 – Japan, Tsukuba, In Section Artist in Residence

    2014 –Japan, Tsukuba, Tsukuba International Artist in Resindence

    2015 –Japan, Tsukuba, Tsukuba International Artist in Resindence

    2015 –Japan, Tsukuba, Art Session Tsukuba

    2017 –Japan, Tsukuba, Art Session Tsukuba

    2018 – Iceland, Gardur, Fresh Winds Biennale
    AUCTIONS2001 – Budapest, Bp. Galeria

    (Tiszta szivvel a beteg gyermekekért)

    2002 – Budapest, Mercz Galeria 

    (“100 Nõi mell” jótékonysági aukció)

    2002 – Budapest, Cotton Club 

    (Heim Pál gyermekkórház javára)

    2002 – Budapest, Hotel Fiesta (Zöld Kakas Liceum)

    2003 – Budapest,Le Meridien Hotel 

    (Alternatal Alapitvány)

    2003 – Budapest, Hotel Gellert (Alternatal Alapitvány)

    2010 – Japan, Tokyo, 美ナビ展, Roppongi Hills
    COLLECTIONSErdély, Gyergyószárhegy Lazarea kastély

    Pécs, Pécs University, Fine Arts Faculty

    Budapest, Magyar Művelődési Intézet

    Tsukuba, Tsukuba University, Fine Arts Faculty

  • After-effect

    Bamboo, Japanese Paper, Mixed Media
    850×250×170 (h)cm

  • Dialogue Ⅱ

    Bamboo, Mixed Media
    300×300×400 (h)cm