Stone – No.7

Black granite

85×110×20 cm 300 kg

Haneda Shinto shrine

Stone – No.2

Black granite

63×81×98 cm 550 kg

Aoki Shinto shrine

Stone – No.4

Black granite

63×98×68 cm 450 kg

Takamori Shinto shrine
The place: Light/ sound/ wind/ odor/ cold air/ transparency/ polarized light/ flickering/ darkness
horizontal/ vertical/ rising/ falling/ pressure/ weight/ multiple/ refraction/ temperature/ vacuum
cause and effect/ near and far/ farmers/ superstition/ forgetting/ past/ wetland/ countryside/ temple grounds/ children
Oxidation/ shadow/ intake/ ash/ polishing/ haze/ sap/ corpse/ mica/ quartz/ granite
mad dog/ barley/ steam engine/ verdigris/ breath/ humus/ asphyxia/ dream/ dying/ supreme/ perfect
East west north south/ spring summer fall winter/ time and space/ stillness/ cloud/ water/ moon/ insubstantiality/ stone/ tiny motion.