• MOMOSE Hiroyuki

    CAREERThere is no English version artist’s career now.

  • Bousyu

    Stones in 140 bags, 400 trees of the acorn

    20×30×0.5 m
    about 4.2t

    I thought the creation of this sculpture should mainly consist of digging stones out of the fields. I made my relationship with that place one of finding my time and materials there, and then spending them there. Rather than using the stones and objects (a seedling from an acorn) I dug up as materials for a sculpture, I thought I could use their appearance itself, and the act of having dug them up, as the form. Apparently acorns grow by about this much a year.

  • shell and mushroom house

    Aluminum, Japanese paper

    The mushroom-grower’s hut was born within the flow of the economy, and its role ended with the end of that economy, leaving it to crumble. For a moment in the span of time before it disappears, my use of it in a work of art added to the history of the hut. This was meaningful for me. A seashell is a nest that once had life within it, growing over a long period, and while it went on living, it kept changing as proof of that life. Maybe my work is another husk of life.