• SHIGA Masao

    Born in Ibaraki, JAPAN
    Graduated Tama Art University, Department of Sculpture
    Galerie Ciel,Mito(’09/’06) 
    Art works Gallery,Mito

    Gallery Open sesame, Naka (’04/’02/ ’00/ ’97)

    Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo

    1997 Gallery Anadin, Kasama

    Gallery Q, Tokyo (’93) 
    Souma Gallery, Mito (’76)

    Gallery Saza, Hitachinaka (’92/ ’90)
    ART SESSION TSUKUBA 2017,Tsukuba

    The26th UBE BIENNALE Ube,Yamazuchi Ube Industries, Ltd. Prize
    AMABIKI 2013.Sakuragawa,Ibaraki(’13/’11/’08/’06/’03/’01/1997)

    Rozo Group Exhibition. Mito, Hitachinaka, Naka (’03/ ’00/ ’97/ ’94/ ’89/ ’87/ ’83/ ’82/ ’80)

    2006 AMABIKI 2006.Sakuragawa,Ibaraki
    January Exhibition “a sculpture and a sketch”.Mito

    The 29th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan. Tokyo & Kyoto (’99/ ’98/ ’97/ ’96/ ’94)

    Exhibition Dialogue ’93. Mito
    Aniversary Exhibition for 10years of The Kamioka Architecture Design Office. Ogawa,Ibaraki

    Exhibition of Art Symposium Ibaraki. Mito (’87/ ’86/ ’85/ ’84/ ’83/ ’82/ ’81)

  • Autumn leaves dining table

    Acrylic resin, Wood, Paint
    150×230×120 (h)cm

  • Dining table in a forest

    Wood, Stainless Steel
    125×568×140 (h)cm

  • Let’s see a cherry tree and the sky.

    Wood, Acrylic plate

    370×100×80 (h)cm

  • Let’s watch at color of the wind together.


    1,500×120×95 (h)cm

    Let’s rest for a while and take in the scenic colors of the wind.
    Conjure up memories of our past.
    Surrounded by the whispering of leaves.
    The colors of the wind pass by.

  • Black box is Color of Wind

    Ceramics, Iron, Stainless steel, Wood

    210×333×222 (h)cm

    This black box is a device to make “the color of the wind”. What color of wind do you like? Peep in through the gap, look from above and find “the color of the wind”. You’re sure to find your own “color of the wind”.

  • Puzzle of “Color of Wind”

    Ceramics, Steel, Stainless steel

    4,000×20×110 (h)cm

    One day, human presence will cease, and time will pass peacefully.
    Marked time passes on the platform of the old Higashi Iida Station.
    A slight hint of colour climbs on the wind and gently moves on, without even looking back.
    Does the colour on the wind wander like a puzzle, gazing into the distance?
    I keep my feet on the platform.

  • Black box is Color of Wind

    Wood, Iron, Stainless steel, Soil, Ceramics, Tile

    3000×3000 cm (6boxes)
    1, Box-Collecting lights of forest. 69×69×110 (h)cm
    2, Box-Sprouting of forest. 145×145×70 (h)cm
    3, Box-Searching its memory. 163×163×150 (h)cm
    4, Box-Gathering ancients colors. 138×138×120 (h)cm
    5, Wooden box-Guardian of tree. 110×110×240 (h)cm
    6, Iron box-Guardian of tree. 102×102×200 (h)cm

  • Color of the wind in the mid stream of memory

    Wood, L-steel

    504×504×20 cm
    1500 kg

  • Color of the wind (in the mid stream of memory)

    Corten steel, Wood, Burner

    500×25×25 cm
    150 kg

    A wind blows gently through the precincts of Takaku shrine in Amabiki Village. It now sleeps peacefully, leaving traces of past glory. That must be a gentle wind, like one in a memory. Sometimes it is a fiercely raging wind. A wind that is moved to tears. A wind that laughs. The color of the wind of ancient times is faintly visible. The color of the wind is in the middle of a memory.

  • Color of the wind (The whisper of people)

    650×300×35 cm
    600 kg

    Wood, Iron, Lead, Magnet, Burner