• TAKADA Satoru

    CAREERThere is no English version artist’s career now.

  • Shock wave

    Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Paint
    100×160×500 (h)cm

  • Rebirth

    Stainless steel, Iron, Winch, Wire rope

    200×1,370×380 (h)cm

    I used the egg form to symbolize life.
    I placed it in the pond as a source of life, to create an interest in people as to ‘what’ the shine of the water’s surface and the cracking egg might give birth to.
    I hope that both the structural beauty and this scenery deepen the meaning of my sculpture.

  • The silence to transfer

    Steel, Wirerope, Winch, Urethane

    240×240×640 (h)cm

    Tranquility requires wilderness. The world was born out of tranquility, and the past, present and future coexist as a single entity. When an elevator comes to a momentary stop, tranquility exists there.


    Iron, Lava, Wire rope

    450×450×760 cm
    2500 kg

    The space inside the arch of a crescent moon has a mystical attraction.
    Suspending a meteorite (lava) in that space and reflecting the drama of space in a calm water surface added to the appeal of that environment.

  • The Earth’s axis of Bridge 2001

    Iron (Alumite Plating), Wire rope, Winch, Concrete, Stone

    800×2000×600 cm
    10 t

    My sculpture takes reverence for nature as its spiritual support, and is based on the beauty of the mechanical structure between spatial tension and an instant of halted time.
    This bridge continues to point in the direction to the earth’s axis.

  • Bio – Bridge – A proposal to The 21st century

    Iron, Drums (stainless steel), Fluorescent paint, Artificial ecology reef, Black light

    800×800×450 cm
    750 kg

    This piece floats on the water surface. There is an artificial habitat reef beneath the surface, which is purifying the water.
    The shape supported by the buoyancy of the metal drums stores energy from ultraviolet rays and releases it as light after dark, shining like the breath of creatures in the dark of night, and moving slowly with the wind and waves.
    It is a proposal to the 21st century for the formation of environments.


    Iron, Rails, Concrete

    1000×800×250 cm
    1500 kg