• TANAKA Tsuyoshi

    Born in Miyazaki, JAPAN
    Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture in Hyuga, Miyazaki, Civilian Award
    Adachi City Outdoor Sculpture Competition, Tokyo, Awarded
    Contemporary Japan Concrete Sculpture Exhibition, Chiba, Grand Award
    Kurashiki Triennial, Okayama, Awarded
    Yokohama Biennial, Kanagawa, Award
    Nagano City Outdoor Sculpture Award, Nagano
    Kobe Realistic Sculpture Grand Award Exhibition, Hyogo, Grand Award

  • Water Lover

    Black granite

    160×25×115 (h)cm

    Working near the marsh recently inspired me to make a piece recalling water. While making it, I came to feel that I was sculpting an image of myself. I tried to open a window to my heart, for a better view.

  • around the tree

    Black granite

    40×60×40 (h)cm ×5pieces

    The festival drew nearer.
    Under a big zelkova tree, guardian dogs emerged from the woods as if to participate by guarding the shrine and the mountain.
    Various guardian dogs were playing around that tree.
    Then maybe we should get them to help pulling the festival float.

  • AUN


    80×30×50 cm (×2P)
    400 kg (1P)

    I tried placed guardian dogs by a lonely-looking shrine, taking a hint from the English letters “U” and “N”.
    It feels something like “this shrine is under our protection”.

  • Ascetic

    Black granite

    51×82×126 cm
    800 kg

    In many ways people can be performing some kind of act of austerity. Indian ascetics, monks and the like are famous for that, but perhaps giving up drinking or stop smoking are other forms of austerity. I gave form to the image of people who recited sutras in front of my house when I was a child, and who now stand in front of stations and similar places for their austere devotions.

  • The flowers of south wind


    200×250×80 cm
    1000 kg

    What was your feeling on seeing this work,
    inspired by lavishly blossoming flowers that have withstood wind and rain,
    and even the strong sun and heat of the tropics?

  • Even bare trees enliven the mountains

    Black granite

    45×55×80 cm
    600 kg