Born in Kyoto Pref.
    Graduated KOBATAKE Kobo

    Solo Exhibition at Gallery 4GATS (Tokyo)
    Solo Exhibition at Gallery SAOH (Tokyo)
    International Stone Sculptor’s Symposium in Gwalior (INDIA)
    Solo Exhibition at Art Space NIJI (Kyoto)
    Solo Exhibition at ATELIER · K Art Space (Kanagawa)
    Solo Exhibition at TOKI Art Space (Tokyo)
    Gwacheon International Stone Sculpture Symposium (KOREA)
    Solo Exhibition at Art Space NIJI (Kyoto)
    Art Court Frontier #7 Art Court Gallery (Osaka)
    Solo Exhibition at METAL ART MUSEUM HIKARINOTANI (Chiba)
    AMABIKI 2011 (Ibaraki) [’01, ’03, ’06, ’08]
    Solo Exhibition at Gallery YURAGI (Kyoto)

  • The Stone Body 2022

    Black Granite
    123×94×250 (h)cm

  • The Stone Body 2019

    Black Granite
    96×112×225 (h)cm


    Black granite

    18×2800×22 (h)cm

  • REMNANT -depth-


    45×240×190 (h)cm

  • The Stone Body V -KAIBUTSU-

    Black granite

    110×120×176 (h)cm

    I carve into the stone
    From that moment, the presence of the stone becomes increasingly vague
    As the stone takes in my strength
    Its mass dwindles
    Strength and time build up
    Indentations gather
    Eventually, the sum of them overflows and clusters together
    I think that’s when my work really begins
    I want to feel the presence of a stone that has begun to have its own body
    * “V” in the art work name means the fifth of the Roman numerals.

  • Form of the mass AMABIKI 2008


    140×134×143 (h)cm

    I stare at the stone, and carve the stone.
    A chip that flies off, and the dent left behind.
    I think as I feel the shock coming back up through my hand:
    How far did that one blow reach? How far did it reverberate?
    The silent stone.
    I wonder what it would be like to shatter the silence the stone keeps.

  • KOKU 0602 stage-1


    110×88×76 (h)cm
    1300 kg

    Force moves towards the stone.
    Force is left in the stone and carved into it.
    As the stone is carved, no longer able to be contained within,
    a revolting force is born that breaks off and turns outward.
    I try to take that outward-bound force and redirect it backs inside.
    I try to give myself up to the repeated blows
    The stone is enfolded, one blow at a time.

  • Naked’03-IV


    135×96×96 cm
    1500 kg

    Humans are living beings who learn. We don’t expect to suffer by committing the same mistake twice. In whatever we do, we achieve dramatic improvements. Humans are creatures who learn. Or so you’d think? ? ?.
    * “IV” in the art work name means the fourth of the Roman numerals.

  • Naked ’01-II

    Black granite

    81×86×127 cm
    1000 kg

    I end up stripping the stone naked. I can be delighted as I peel away a layer at a time. But it can also be good to just rip it all off. Some stones are shy, some want to undress themselves. Depending on how you do it, you may be disappointed, or you may think, “Wow!” Whichever approach you take, start with a little flirting.
    * “II” in the art work name means the second of the Roman numerals.