Born in Shizuoka, JAPAN
    Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of painting (B.A.)

    My Own Place. Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Shizuoka
    Into the Light. Gallery Jin, Tokyo
    Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo (’98)

    World O-CHA(Tea) Festival 2004. Shizuoka
    PEATPOLIS.NL. Veen Park, Emmen, HOLLAND
    The 5th Exhibition of Amabiki Village and Sculpture. Yamato, Ibaraki (’01)
    Sounds and Thoughts. Gallery Arka, Gallery Architects House, LITHANIA
    Puddles 2002. TENT CBK, Rotterdam, HOLLAND
    Nishiogi Machi Media 2002. Zempukuji Park, Tokyo
    As the Water Around There. Museum of Modern Art Toyoshina, Nagano
    Chiba Art Flash 2000. Chiba Citizens Gallery Inage, Chiba
    2nd Fujino International Art Symposium ’99. Fujino, Kanagawa
    Flower Street of Takada. Niigata
    Abiko Open Air Exhibition ’99. Chiba

  • Toward a place with light

    Wood, Marble flour, Natural light

    280×280×280 (h)cm
    42×240×400 (h)cm

    Now that winter is heading into spring, the strength of the sun waxes day by day, heralding the approach of a new season.
    Feeling the light of early spring with my entire body, I go walking straight ahead towards the hope that lies beyond it.
    When the light penetrates into this wood, my work is completed by that moment of light.

  • Long Way to Go

    Wood and Others

    92×260×260 (h)cm

    The wind ruffles the grassland, and looking up shows a broad and distant sky.
    As time stops, or sometimes runs backwards, I want to walk from here again, along this road.
    I entrust my hopes to the single red pine still living on that distant mountain.

  • Recurrence-Reincarnation

    Withered tree, Dead tree, Beech seedling

    1000×1000×700 (h)cm

    A year ago, looking at a dead red pine that was clearly different from the leafless trees awaiting spring, “death” took possession of me. Before the stark reality of destruction of nature as a price we pay for civilization, there is nothing that can be done.
    In order to return to our distant and forgotten origins, and to set out again to take a new first step, I must believe in a small hope of growing buds this spring.

  • A Way Toward the Sacred Place


    2600×45×30 cm

    Going through Amabiki Village, one notices the large and small shrines all around. Entering a shrine, one is isolated from the hubbub of the everyday and enfolded in an extraordinary tranquility. That is a thousand-year memory that will be inscribed within me, a moment called into being across time and space. The human world and the realm of the gods are revealed in an arrow-straight road existing as a link between this bank and the other side.

  • Skylight

    Wood, Fluorescent paint, Natural light

    300×300×480 cm

    There are some moments in daily life when you re-recognize the presence of light that fills space. Light is noticed when it touches something, but I wanted to take the light that must exist between the source and the thing it falls on, and make it tangible. This is a device that gathers the natural light that pours down by day, and subtly emits light when darkness falls. It presents an experience of light.