“In a gap in the flow in May”

Deserted boat, FRP, Paint, Cloth, Steel, Stainless steel

350×160×320 cm
250 kg

Until now, I’ve kept on making big, heavy sculptures for a long time. In a way, that is my taste, but it’s also the way I work. Nevertheless, it may not be necessary to have size and massive presence to cover some of the themes of my work, which are “Things that can’t be captured in a photo or drawn in a picture”, “Things that can’t be created from a concept alone” and “Things which change the atmosphere of the of the place they stand in”. So, for the last five years I’ve been working simultaneously on very small pieces and pieces which aggressively engage the gallery space. What I’m trying this time at Amabiki Village is of the latter type. I have a renewed sense of the pleasure of feeling and thinking about site-specific “pieces which can only be done here and now”.